IT Changes for 2019 - Email Passwords

December 28th

The Mesa Vista Consolidated School District is in the process of updating all their Information Technology Equipment due to a recently passed Technology Bond by the School Board and the State of New Mexico. The Bond allowed the District to implement new computers within the Classroom and Computer Labs for students and teachers to utilize on a daily basis. In addition, the District installed high tech Smart Boards within each classroom to enhance the learning environment for our students as well.

Another addition to the classroom starting up next semester will be Office 365. This new software will allow both students and teachers access to email, along with the other Microsoft Office applications. You can get a head start on these new applications by taking a few online training classes, they can be found at:

Email services are now being hosted by Office 365 and with this new installation, Staff, Teachers and Students will now have access to email and the Microsoft Office products anywhere in the world. Accounts have already been created for both Staff and Teachers, so please contact Plan B Networks at 505-753-5262 to learn how to log into your accounts via Student accounts will be established the first week back in January.

These are just a few of the new additions we currently have in place for the start of 2019 and as new items are added, we will make sure to keep everyone updated.


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