FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

You may drop your child off at school by 8:00 a.m. Please do not bring your son or daughter any earlier because we will be unable to supervise them.

Our drop off procedures are as follows:

If you bring your child to school, please pick up and drop off at the east end of the campus by the cafeteria. We ask that students remain on the sidewalk and walk to the cafeteria for breakfast. Visitor parking is at the east end of the campus by the cafeteria. There is absolutely no parking or driving in the bus-loading zone during school hours.
Students need to exit the bus and go directly to the cafeteria for breakfast. Please have your son or daughter stay on the sidewalk to ensure his/her safety.
When dropping off your child, pull into a parking space, and have your child exit the vehicle immediately.
We ask that you do not drop off your child behind buses, cars, or trucks, as that creates a dangerous situation for your child.
Use caution when backing or driving out of the parking area.
If it is after 8:20 a.m., we ask that parents escort their child to the front office to sign in.

Our pick-up procedures are as follows:

Teachers will escort students on the sidewalks while they proceed to their bus line and wait for the "go-ahead" to enter the bus.
Students may enter the bus only when the teacher gives permission to proceed.
If you pick up your child, they will stay in the waiting area, bus loading area/office hallway until a staff member on duty dismisses him/her. Please ensure that your child is completely inside the vehicle and buckled up with the door securely closed before you drive away.
Please ensure that your child is completely in the vehicle with the door securely closed and buckled in before driving away.
Parent vehicles are to wait until all buses leave school grounds.
To ensure that your child is safe, please use extreme caution when pulling out and driving away.

If you know that your child will need to be absent from school, please notify the school before your child is absent. If you would like to get homework for an extended absence, please give your child's teacher plenty of notice.

If your child is absent due to illness or family emergency, please notify us as soon as possible and let us know your child will not be coming to school that day.

Parents, please accompany your child to the Principal’s office when he/she is tardy for school and do not allow him/her to enter the school office by him or herself. Any student marked tardy three or more times will not receive a Perfect Attendance Award at the end of the school year. Three tardies equal one full day absence. The Mesa Vista Consolidated Schools’ Truancy Policy is available upon request at the Principal’s office for all parents/guardians.

If you need to take your child from school early, you must sign him/her out at the front office. We will only allow people listed on your child’s student registration card to check your child out of school. Since we care about the safety of all of our students, we may ask for proper identification.

In the interest of your child’s safety, you will need to write a note requesting another adult give your student a ride home, a ride to another location, or a ride in another vehicle. The Principal’s secretary must clear this written note in the morning prior to releasing the student. We will only allow people listed on your child’s student registration card to check your child out of school. If you would like your child to get off at a different bus stop, you must send in a written note with the date, a phone number, and the parent’s/guardian’s signature. We ask that your child give the note to the Principal’s secretary in the morning for verification. Once we verify the note, your student will receive a written note signed by the Principal. He/She will need to give that note to the bus driver before he/she can ride the bus. We are sorry we cannot honor telephone requests.

If your child needs to take medication at school, we ask that parents only drop off or pick up medication. You must have a prescription from a doctor, the medication must be in the original bottle, and the bottle needs to be labeled with the following information:

Name of student
Name of medication
Directions for dosage and storage
Time of day medication needs to be administered
Physician’s name and date the medication was prescribed
We are not able to change dosage or time dispensed if you call with that request.

Before your child starts school or when you transfer into our school district, you are required to present an approved New Mexico Department of Public Health immunization certificate for your child.

Students will need at least 4 DPT (Diphtheria, Pertusis, and Tetanus) and Polio shots (the last after age 4), 2 MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) shots after 12 months of age, and 3 Hepatitis B shots for admission to school. For Varicella immunization, students require 1 dose for Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades or a history of having the disease.

Unfortunately, any student who is not up-to-date with his/her immunizations will be unenrolled within a week. We will not allow the student to return to school until he/she has received all of the necessary shots and you provide the school with an updated copy of the immunization form.

In the event of heavy snowfall, the Albuquerque TV stations will indicate if the Mesa Vista schools have a two-hour delay or are closed by 7 a.m. A two hour delay means that the schools begin and the buses run 2 hours later than usual. Please note that we will not serve breakfast on days when there is a delay.

We offer all students free breakfast and lunch. We consider meal times to be more than just feeding children, and it is an integral part of our school curriculum. We teach children etiquette, orderly conduct, respect for the rights of others and the value of proper nutrition. Because the health of your child is important to us, we will not allow sodas or juice during meals. In the event that your child cannot have milk, just give us written permission and we will be happy to give him/her juice instead. Also, if your child does not eat certain foods because of religious or health reasons, please notify us upon your enrollment to our school.

We will give out report cards after each 9-week grading period; approximately 7-10 days after the grading period ends.

We base our letter grades on the percent correct for student class work and homework, presentations and assessments.

A= 90-100
B= 80-89
C= 70-79
D= 60-69
F= 0-59

Read and Respond is a program that helps children foster a love of reading by reading with a parent. We ask that each night (Monday-Thursday) you read with your child for 20 minutes, then fill out and sign the Read and Respond forms at home. Reading with your child each evening helps develop independent reading skills, reinforces concepts he/she learns in school, and improves reading fluency.

Here at El Rito Elementary we welcome you to be a part of your child’s learning environment. As a visitor, you must sign in at the front office and receive a visitor’s pass before going on campus. Please remember that teachers are not available for conferences during the school day, so if you have a concern, please make an appointment to visit with the teacher at another time.

We expect students to attend school neat and clean everyday so they may be able to focus on their studies. With that in mind, we enforce the following dress code policies:

Footwear is required for sanitary and safety reasons. We do not allow flip-flops. We ask that students wear tennis shoes for P.E. and the Walking Program.
We do not allow saggy clothing that reveals underwear in any form.
We do not allow halter-tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, or half-shirts. Shirts must cover the mid-section of the body.
Shorts must be mid-thigh length or longer.
We do not allow clothing with any inappropriate slogans or pictures, references to alcohol, drugs, racial slurs, or sexual connotations or symbols.
We do not allow students to wear hats, caps, visors, hoods, or sunglasses inside any building.
Decorative chains may not hang from clothing.
Hair must be styled so it is not a distraction to other students, teachers, or staff.

We know students love to show their friends items they are proud of, but please do not allow your child to bring anything to school that will disrupt the learning process. These items include, but are not limited to, toys, radios, cell phones, ipods, electronic games, earphones, or animals or pets of any kind. If your child does bring these things to school, we will take the item(s), place it in the office, and parents may pick the items up at the end of the school year.

Teachers plan field trips during the year to enrich the classroom learning. A signed permission slip is required for all students who attend the field trip. If you would like to chaperone your child’s field trip, contact his/her teacher. You will need to fill out a Liability Release form before being able to chaperone. Please be aware that all students that ride a bus to the field trip must also return on the bus. If you would like to take your child home directly from a field trip, you must present a written note to the principal at least 24 hours before the trip takes place. We will be unable to honor phone call requests.

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